• Investments

    In all projects we focus on promoting an inventive attitude, flexibility, and highly professional management. Our primary goal is to ensure our investors receive their capital with attractive enhacement. We invest in companies engaged in all phases of its life cycle: green-field, start-up, and the early stage of expansion. We also support growing companies with full recapitalisation. 

  • Clients

    Our group primarily focuses on investing our clients' free financial resources in lucrative projects. We select our customers and projects on an individual basis. We adjust the projects to the current market situation. Our flexible and unconventional approach enables us to withstand turbulences in the economic sector.

    Our profile clients are courageous, ambitious, and successful managers, or entrepreneurs with free financial resources exceeding 500,000 Euros. They think and act like entrepreneurs. They are talented, enterprising and enthusiastic, thus incorporating the essential elements of success. They also share common moral and social principles. We cooperate closely with our clients and draw their attention to aspects of investment they would otherwise miss.

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