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Name of the Company: Poystni & MacLer, s.r.o.
Segment: Insurance
SHIFT's involvement: 2007 - present time

The company provides non life insurance brokerage and consulting.

Originally the Slovak subsidiary of one of the largest Austrian insurance brokers, SHIFT made a capital penetration in 2007, which was followed by several financial restructuring measures..

The strategic aim is to achieve a strong and stable position in selected non life insurance consultation.

Name of the company: FVE Solnice s.r.o.
Segment: Energy
SHIFT's involvement.: 2009 - present time

FVE Solnice s.r.o. is company owning a photovoltaic power plant of total capacity 2,7 MWp. The power plant is build up of First Solar panels and inverters Xantrex and is placed in eastern Czech near Solnice village. In time of beginning the construction this plant was one of the 10 greatest photovoltaic power plants in Czech Republic.

The main motive to join this greenfield project was to benefit from attractive buy up prices of electricity and low risk profile of investment.

Name of the Company: SLOVAK PROPERTY GROUP, a.s.

Segment: Renewable resources

SHIFT's involvement: 2011


Favorable conditions in 2011 opened the doors to photovoltaic power plants in Slovakia. One of the companies, taking advantage of it, was SLOVAK PROPERTY GROUP, a.s., which in the north part of Slovakia, invested in the several power plants with a total output of 2 x 0.99 MW (ground mounted) + 0.36 MW (rooftops).

SHIFT participated in this contract with its experiences, know-how, structuring of financing, choice of technology and with the ensuring the commissioning of PV power plants. All plants have been successfully implemented, and produce electricity, which brings stable income.

Name of the Company: BLUE SKY MINING s.r.o.

Segment: Construction Material

SHIFT's involvement: 2011 - present time


It was our "Start up" initiative in the mining and processing of building stone.  The andesite quarry located between Kosice and Presov. Current annual capacity of quarry is 100-150 thousand tons of stone, with possibility to extracts up to 300 thousand tons. Technology is partly owned and partly rented.

SHIFT entered into the company based on the expected demand growth in the region. Agglomeration of Kosice and Presov creates second highest potential demand (after Bratislava) for building materials.


Name of the Company: EUROSPECTRUM, s.r.o.

Segment: Real Estate

SHIFT's involvement: 2011


Acquisition of 100% shares of EUROSPECTRUM s.r.o. by SLOVAK PROPERTY GROUP, a.s., with the purpose to expand its portfolio and operating industrial site.

SHIFT , as the manager and advisor for SLOVAK PROPERTY GROUP,  managed to obtain the bank financing for project, in amount of EUR 1 300 000.

Name of the Company: KRUŠGEO.SK, s.r.o.

Segment: Construction Material

SHIFT's involvement: 2012 - present time


We were advising our client in the process of analyzing and restructuring the quarry near Kosice, and its subsequent acquisition. Quarry is located near the village of Nizny Klatov. It produced around 40-60 thousand tons of amphibolite in the past. Due to the process of reducing the traffic through the village and the access to the quarry, the production is currently suspended.

The quarry has all the key success factors - excellent localization, big deposits and good quality stone. Cooperation with Blue Sky Mining s.r.o. also brings synergies in the form of better bargaining power with the buyers, more efficient use of technology (drilling, grinding) and wider product range. SHIFT acts in the project as a restructuring advisor and one of the potential investors.

Name of the company: SUN ENGINEERING

Segment: Energy

SHIFT's involvement: 2013 - present time

SUN ENGINEERING is the romanian company owning the photovoltaic power plant of total capacity 2,8 MWp. The power plant is build up of PV Solarsys panels and inverters Power One and is placed close to Bucharest.

The main motive to join this greenfield project was to benefit from the attractive support scheme of RES in Romania. 

Name of the company: LipKy, s.r.o
Segment: Real estate
SHIFT's involvement: 2008 - present time

Construction of a recreational zone in the village of Liptovské Klačany. The project consists of four phases. The 1st and the 3rd phase involve the construction of chalets to be sold to final clients, while the 2nd and 4th phases deal with the development of the area in order to ensure its exclusivity and comfort for clients. 

The aim is to develop the entire location, as well as devise marketing and sales strategies.

Name of the company: Infiniti media, s.r.o.
Segment: Mass media
SHIFT's involvement: 2006 - 2008

This promotion and production agency is engaged in sports and culture; its activities are mainly focused on Eastern Slovakia.

SHIFT, a.s. made a capital penetration in 2006 and was strongly involved in devising strategies in the media sector.

SHIFT, a.s. exited the project after fulfilling its strategic aims in 2008.

Name of the company: Optimum energy
Segment: Energy
SHIFT's involvement: 2008

Optimum Energy is a Slovak organisational unit of foreign company engaged in a new and growing market - the effective utilisation of energy, and consultation for institutional and individual clients.

SHIFT a.s. made a capital penetration in 2008, and also assisted Optimum Energy in acquiring new clients.

Our aim is to establish the company's organisation.

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