Mária Majerhoferová

"Success consists of 5 % luck, 30 % good preparation, and 65% consistent effort. The desired outcome will not be achieved as long as we miss the most important step -  placing the right people in the right positions."

Project Manager

After successful completion of SUA, study program Public Administration and Regional Development, she completed a two-year international study program "International Master of Science in Rural Development and Agricultural Economics" at universities in Arkansas, Berlin and Ghent.

At SHIFT a.s., she works as a project manager, focusing on projects in the field of renewable energy.

Maria is part of the team, which is involved in the implementation of local and international projects. Her main responsibility is to analyze the projects, prepare the documentation, budget and business plans, communicate with the investors, banks, suppliers, legal and technical advisors. Great benefit is her excellent (professional) knowledge of English language.

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